Or “Why NextDoor stinks”

My reaction upon my earlier post getting blocked on NextDoor. The “fully clothed person” in the original post, happened to be wearing a burka (or whatever the hell that outfit is called) and jumping into the community swimming pool in the full outfit. Mind you, the pool rules prohibit the swimming in a t-shirt. And that word, clearly, has triggered a whole bunch of snowflakes in my hood, so they decided to pick up proferbial pitchforks and run up the hill to my castle:

Misuse of forum rules for silencing the disagreement
I have found just yet, that my earlier post about a fully clothed person jumping into the pool has been blocked (temporarily) pending the investigation of someone’s claim that it violates “Public shaming” rule.

A fair warning to my fellow dwellers: next time you see something suspicious or dangerous happening in our community, don’t rush here to report on it. Instead, make sure your post does not hurt the perpetrator’s feelings. Or you’d face the outlash of our self-righteous neighbors.

Too bad, the virtue signaling in our community got to the point where an opinion that one doesn’t like got shut using inappropriate means of semantical miscategorization. Sad day…

And here comes a reply from a… person, for the lack of a more insulting word:

Here’s a suggestion for you: if you had replaced the word “burka” with “street clothes” in your original post, I guarantee your post would still be up. Even if you referred to said street clothes as “filthy rags.”

Let’s just all be nice neighbors, eh?

What I did next is this:

Here’s a suggestion for you: apply for a job in a censorship organization. There are plenty of them right now.

And you can replace the word “censorship” with something up to your liking.How about “content beautification”?

Which leads, much immediately, to this. A quote from the email:

A message you posted was reported by another Nextdoor member as violating Nextdoor’s Community Guideline: Don’t use Nextdoor as a soapbox: Over-posting.

Are we really going into this direction, where a group of SJW is going to suppress anything they disagree with?

My reaction? :Facepalm: and violent puking in disgust. That’s how PC and cultural Marxism is creeping into our communities and making it unsafe for anyone who doesn’t conform with SJW opinion (whatever it might be at the moment).


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