An amazing documentary movie by Cassie Jaye “The red pill“. Deep, troubling, intellectually honest, well balanced argument about the, perhaps, most important issue of our time. Because it is tearing apart the very fabric of our lives.

The uniformity of the “public opinion” expressed through MSM channels is disturbing. Those dare to speak up are opressed, chased with the hounds, and diminished to pariah. Look at the story of James Damore and his attempt to strike an honest argument inside of Google? Look at the apologetic stance of the radical feminists and their sympathizers. What other data points are needed to demonstrate the divide and the blind urge to silence the other side at any cost?

This is a very dangerous road! The end of it isn’t pretty nor serene: it is harmful for all, dangerous and violent. Hopefully, there’s still a chance to turn around?

Please watch the movie without prejudice and the shores on your eyes. Just try…


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