Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the graphical representation of how deep US government is in… deficit (not all programs are accounted here for thus the total liabilities level of US is about 6 times larger than that).

You can read this short article in whole right here and don’t forget to click on the link at the bottom of it for more great debt porn!

I am kidding you not: there’s a buddy of mine who once told me that we’d better suffer through higher taxation right now so our children won’t have to pay it all back. Just to make it easier for some with nothing but public US education under their belts it’s roughly $50,000 per every person leaving in United States, including infants, suckers, and very old. And let’s not forget that the rate of debts acquiring is accelerating. So, good luck with it, yall!

I can tell you as much as this: if people of this country (or any other for this matter) let to be robbed off of the fruits of their labor their children and grand-children will diminish to nothing more than a slaves of a great Leviathan state.

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