Finland – a small, very beautiful country with a significant number of economic problems such as high unemployment rate among people with college and university degrees, very ineffective public medicine, and eco-fascists movement. The latter are proposing – among other outrageous programs – bad free procreation of human. I think they and their kins ought to taste their own medicine – that be a big relief for the rest of the mankind.

As many of their counterparts in EU, Finnish have grown up a nasty mold of big government (e.g. public sector) which sucks the blood out of the productive economy and creates nothing but a unbearable burden. Sounds familiar, right?

However, it seems that people are waking up to the fact that despite all the hard work and sacrifices, they are being robber times and again by corporatist state and Brussels-Frankfurt extortion racket. No more bailouts they say.

Interestingly, WSJ aka The Establishment Bullhorn has published this article but with little “changes” here and there: apparently for the easier digestion by the local sheeple.

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