People, let’s save The Planet!

Doug Casey – one of a very few people I like to read and has a high degree of respect for many things they say – has an interesting observation on the topic in his latest talk on Earth Day (it happens April 22nd). In particular he’s pointing out that “Greens” (a politically correct name for tree huggers, I guess) have a totally non-scientific, collectivist, selfish, and somewhat religious movement built around ‘Safe the Gaia’ slogan. And he is laying down very compelling arguments too.

Don’t get me wrong: I am very consistent proponent of clean environment, cleaning-up after yourself, don’t irradiate the water and air, and all that things: I don’t like to live in a radioactive wasteland nor walk on a mounds of trash. I love living things and always help a bumble-bee falling asleep after sunset away from a pathway where it might get squashed and whatnot.

But I am very much against the approach where I am being told how often I suppose to exhale, how many children I suppose to have before getting neutered, or what kind of lamps I have to use in my toilet. Does it sound like a concentration camp yet? Because that’s the one.

The proper way to address these problem is, apparently, through respect to individual property rights (something the Greens and the bunch of US Constitution’s abusers are constantly ignoring as non-essential). Individual property rights (as in rights to the fruits of your own labor, protection against robbery such as taxing your wealth away, or be able to do things with your body and your life the things you want to do) is the foundation of prosperity and ultimate economic development. And this is the only way to guarantee that no one dumps radioactive waste into my water or pollutes my air. This little word my is very critical, if you just think about it for a moment.

Doug makes a connection between Earth Day and May Day – international Labor Day – a socialist/Marxists celebration of a sort. Doug is missing one point though, which is understandable as he wasn’t a subject to USSR propaganda through his childhood. The point is that on April 22. 1870 infamous Vladimir Lenin – one of the most murderous characters in the history of 20th century – has been born. I am sure it is nothing more than just a coincidence that Earth Day falls on the same day 😉

As Carlin said once “… the planet is fine; the people are fucked.” Listen to that first link and pay attention, folks.

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