For those who don’t know, Doug Casey is a legendary investor with in-depth understanding of Austrian economics (which clearly shows). His recent piece on anti-gold propaganda is the must to read for anyone who doesn’t know nor understand why money’s intrinsic value is so important and why gold is an ultimate storage of value worth converting your fiat currencies into.

A particular passage from that essay is dear to me:
“…I’ve long considered Buffett an idiot savant – a genius at buying stocks but at nothing else. His statement [about gold value] is quite accurate, but completely meaningless… Buffett is certainly not stupid, but he’s a shameless and intellectually dishonest sophist. And although a great investor, he’s neither an economist or someone who believes in free markets.” Well put, Mr. Casey, better than what I have written a couple days ago 😉

To get more from Doug and the great team of experts working with him visit their website

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