Reading papers are almost too much fun. While reading RbcDaily today (something I don’t do to keep my sanity) I have came across this four excerpts. Actually, I think they should’ve been called excrements:

  1. “Skolkovo” Foundation and Coordination Center of national internet domain have signed an agreement to create new zone .skolkovo. The Foundation chairman said that the new domain zone will help to advance innovations from Skolkovo city
  2. Experts estimate that Russian Federation space technologies are 40 years behind
  3. Department of economics development suggests to introduce new tariffs on computers’ imports
  4. Such-and-such is starting an association of investors and stockholders of RosTeleCom (i.e. the entity responsible for IT infrastructure development in Russia)

If you didn’t get it let me explain something for you:

  • a government backed Foundation is all set to work on high-tech innovations in Russia
  • however, most of the high-tech is kinda outdated (according to the experts anyway)
  • so the government is going to make imported technologies less competitive (through introduction of tariffs) to effectively protect innovations advancements
  • RosTeleCom investors association is going to make it look kinda legit, I guess?

I think, lady and gentleman,  we are looking into creation of something quite similar to the existing government owned auto-manufacturer AutoVAZ (known for the infamous GM-Niva bustard; a partnership with government run US auto manufacturer). AutoVAZ production is so uncompetitive even on the Russian market that people are willing to pay tens of percents in custom fees to avoid buying a AutoVAZ miracle.

Another unintended consequence I am sure honest folks from Department of Economics Development haven’t thought is that computer manufacturers using their lobbyist will push their governments to impose some tariffs on Russia’s exports (think of still, grain, etc.)

Apparently someone needs to teach them a lesson.

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